Our History


Having worked for others much of his life, Greg decided it was time to start his own business. In 1991, on a shoestring budget, he managed to buy a half-dozen bags of coffee and an electric roaster that could turn out five pounds in 15 minutes.

That was just fine for a few months but the demand grew quickly, and soon he was roasting on a quarter-bag (33 lb), propane-fired roasting machine in order to satisfy the customer base.

In those days most of the company’s profit had to be invested in green coffee, and there was no money for advertising. Even the company’s logo was borrowed from the public domain—a 1935 Colombian airmail stamp. All coffee grows close to the equator. That fact coupled with Greg’s time spent in the tropics gave the company it’s name.

Equator roasts coffee in Eugene’s industrial west side. Nothing fancy here, just a warehouse full of very fine green coffee. But the customers are not looking for glitz—they come for the great, fresh coffee that is roasted here every day.

Today Equator serves thousands of customers, some who order twice a week, others who order twice a year. We have a varied clientele, serving fine restaurants, espresso drive-ups, natural food stores, walk-in coffee bars and small businesses such as print shops and tropical fish stores. No matter—all receive the same-day service and wholesale pricing that is among the best in the coffee industry.


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