Our Roasting Style


We at Equator are big fans of the Fluid Bed roasting machines built by Michael Sivetz 40 miles up the road in Corvallis, Oregon. These may not be the prettiest inventions—no brass or glitzy powder coating—but it is our firm belief that they do the best job of roasting coffee.

This machine is notable for the powerful blast of air heat that suspends the coffee beans during the roasting process and also scours out every trace of chaff, dust, and other undesirable materials that might otherwise end up in your cup. As a result, we see a weight loss that is greater than in other roasters, which cuts into our profits! But that is ok. We want the best tasting cup.

The Sivetz quarter-bagger is not a huge machine-its limit is just 33 pounds of coffee per roast. Again, no problem. If we are doing a single-origin coffee such as Celebes or Tanzania, we do not want extra coffee sitting around getting stale. With small batches we can achieve our goal of roasting to order and delivering all of our inventory of roasted coffee each day.

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