GUATEMALA – organic

Spanish Jesuits cultivated coffee in Antigua as early as 1730, making Guatemala the first Central American country to grow the crop. The region’s high elevation and famed volcanic loam produce SHB-grade beans that are full-bodied and complex.  Roasted medium.  Certified master tasters have determined nuances of almonds, pecan, praline, chocolate.

GUATEMALA FTO MANOS CAMPESINAS SAN MARCOS SHB EP GRAINPRO is sourced from three small associations of producers-Plan Villa Nueva, Media Cuesta, and Aprocafé Acdi- in the Departamento de San Marcos – home to the impressive Tajumulco and Tacaná volcanoes boosting the highest elevations in all of Central America. These three producers make their own organic fertilizer and use their own micro-mills to process harvested cherries. The export company-MANOS CAMPESINAS-steps in with transportation, warehousing, and cupping analysis to establish a traceable community blend with a vibrant regional profile.

Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Catimor, Caturra, Costa Rica 95

  • Organic  
  • Single-origin
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